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We help our clients build beautiful, intuitive digital products.

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What We Do

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Product Prototyping

Sometimes you need to prove that an idea can actually work, or get your product in front of users now. We can help you prototype quickly, without the time and expense of production-grade software.

  • Quickly develop a functional proof of concept

  • Start testing your product sooner

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Full Product Delivery

By understanding your needs, designing deliberately, and communicating openly through the whole process, we are able to deliver products your users will love.

  • Turn your need or idea into production-grade software

  • We’ll help you maintain and evolve your product

Our Process

Creating intuitive, production-grade software is a major undertaking, but our process keeps you up to speed and in control as we build the solution that best meets your needs.

  1. (1) Discover

    • Listen to your business needs.

    • Investigate the solution space.

    • Discuss problems and possibilities.

  2. (2) Design

    • Utilize research to drive design.

    • Validate decisions.

    • Define concrete requirements.

  3. (3) Develop

    • Prioritize work collaboratively.

    • Ask questions.

    • Communicate progress.

  4. (4) Deliver

    • Acceptance test.

    • Incorporate feedback.

    • Deploy.

Our Work

  • CareCar

    CareCar provides non-emergency medical transportation services to health plans and their members using a network of certified drivers. When getting started they needed a software platform to facilitate their core business. Uptrend helped build an initial prototype, which CareCar used to find their first customers and secure funding.

    Services Provided:

    Product Design | UX Design | UI Design | System Design | Software Development | Software Support | Infrastructure Management

  • Tunelinks

    Tunelinks is an online distribution platform for streaming and downloading new Hip-Hop and R&B music. They needed a system for standardizing music that arrived in a number of different formats and serving it to thousands of users at once. Uptrend designed and built this system, allowing Tunelinks to keep costs low while serving music to over 100k users a month.

    Services Provided:

    System Design | Software Development | Software Support | Infrastructure Management

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